Governors on Fitzroy respects and protects your right to privacy.

Online Credit Card Transactions

In cases where secure delivery of your credit information is required, we use a secure server that incorporates FIPS 140-1 compliant Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and public-key security. Our site is hosted on one of the largest ISP's in Austalia.

During transmission of your credit card details, the encryption software will transfer your information from your browser to our server in an encrypted form that eliminates any possibility of the information being intercepted enroute over the internet.

Your Personal Details

For each visitor to our web pages, our web server automatically recognizes only the ISP domain name of the visitor, we do not trap e-mail addresses.

We only collect e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail and those who are submitted to our database, aggregate information on what pages visitors access or visit, and information volunteered, such as survey information and/or site registrations/submissions.

As a potential guest we totally respect your right to privacy.

Although a common industry practise, we do not share, resell, or distribute your email address, or physical address details to anyone outside of our organisation under any circumstances.

Data Storage

Our administration system is entirely localised within our own firewall protected internal network. As we host our websites with an external provider, there is no possibility of external internet-based file access to our network since it has not been necessary to incorporate that particular capability into it.

The storage of client data on our premises conforms to all appropriate Australian standards for data integrity, confidentiality and security.

Third Party Web Sites

Please note that we can only apply our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy to web sites that we operate ourselves, and to information that we receive directly from them. Although we link to external web sites, this should not be seen to imply that we take responsibility for the information useage policies of the operators of these web sites.

If you choose to interact directly with these external suppliers and their web sites, please ensure that they have appropriate safeguards and protocols in place.

Please contact us if you any further queries about our security, privacy or data handling procedures.

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